The Daily Giant 150-Word Mystery Fill-In Puzzle - Universal Spellings

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The Daily Printable Giant 150-Word Mystery Fill-In Puzzle is our most challenging daily English language fill-in puzzle. In fact, we can say with confidence that it is by far the most challenging daily English language fill-in puzzle available anywhere.

All of the words in the puzzles use universal spellings that are valid world-wide for use in Scrabble® and most other word games.

The puzzles incorporate many of the quality enhancing features found in our other fill-in puzzles.

Each puzzle is comprised of words from three to eight letters in length. They are designed to be a bit more challenging than most fill-in puzzles in that the eight-letter words will never cross each others path in the puzzle grid. The same is true for the seven-letter words and also for the six-letter words.

As an added challenge, the puzzles will always contain a number of Mystery Words, which are never shown in the puzzle word list. In the above puzzle, for example, all of the -letter words are Mystery Words. Correctly fit all of the listed words onto the puzzle grid to reveal the Mystery Words.

Need help? Click the blue question mark to add a starter word before printing.

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